Activation scenarios of intravascular coagulation processes

Scenario N1

Scenario N2

Scenario N3

The videos show the results of physical and mathematical modeling of intravascular blood coagulation under wall shear stress. For a model of artery with stenosis, three possible activation scenarios of coagulation processes were identified.

Scenario N1: Thrombus formation through the intermediate stage of fibre-like fibrin structure formation.

Scenario N2: The stage of a fibre-like fibrin structure formation results in the formation of a floating friable structure. The floating structure does not have a sharp border and is characterized by a downstream cloud of mircothrombi.

Scenario N3: Growth of thrombus from two nucleation centers.

More detailed information on the above scenarios and the physico-mathematical model used is presented in our article: Rukhlenko O.S., Dudchenko O.A., Zlobina K.E., Guria G.Th. Mathematical Modeling of Intravascular Blood Coagulation under Wall Shear Stress // PLoS ONE. 2015; 10(7):e0134028.