Activation scenarios of intravascular coagulation processes

Scenario N1

Scenario N2

Scenario N3

Scenario N1: Thrombus formation through the intermediate stage of fibre-like fibrin structure formation.

Scenario N2: The stage of a fibre-like fibrin structure formation results in the formation of a floating friable structure. The floating structure does not have a sharp border and is characterized by a downstream cloud of mircothrombi.

Scenario N3: Growth of thrombus from two nucleation centers.

More detailed information on the above scenarios and the physico-mathematical model used is presented in our article: Rukhlenko O.S., Dudchenko O.A., Zlobina K.E., Guria G.Th. Mathematical Modeling of Intravascular Blood Coagulation under Wall Shear Stress // PLoS ONE. 2015; 10(7):e0134028.